ME is characterized by its trademark motif of electronic component eyes and expressionless people.

It represents the modern society that judges things by modern internet information and fixed concepts.

The electronic parts represent the modern society that judges things based on modern internet information and stereotypes, mixed with irony.

At the age of 18, he developed a tic disorder, which prevented him from moving his body as he wanted andI felt as if I was being held back by something invisible.

I use glue to express my hardened and crippled body, and color to express my emotions and thoughts that change daily depending on my environment.

The reason why I wrote on different canvases instead of a single canvas, and connected them together to create a work of art, is because I wanted to portray an "individual" modern person who is not influenced by the opinions of those around him.

Kanai questions the discrepancy between our emotions and our actions and at the same time, expresses the importance of the ambiguous emotions and spontaneous care that cannot be mechanized