Soichiro Kanai


Born in 1999 in Tokyo, Japan.



[Reclaiming Human Emotions]


Kanai uses art to depict the influence of others, the discrepancy between emotion and behavior, and the standards of self-worth in contemporary society. Kanai began studying abroad for three years in Serbia and Spain at the age of fifteen with the aim of becoming a professional tennis player.


However, excessive practice caused him to develop a tic problem. As part of his treatment, he began to paint abstract paintings and was shocked by racial discrimination and the disparity between rich and poor during his studies there.


At the same time, he was influenced by pop art, simulationism, and objective expression, and taught himself contemporary art.


In his "Me" series, Kanai uses glue and electronic components to express the stereotypes and defamation of the Japanese people as they assimilate into their environment.


Kanai works in a variety of media, including painting, sculpture and performance, to question the evolution and decay of human nature.